The Cozy N Safe Augusta EZFix Group 2/3 car seat offers your child extreme comfort and protection in one durable structure. It fits directly into the vehicle with the iso-fix connectors and the adult 3-point vehicle belt.


Suitable for toddlers from 15kg up to 36kg, age range 4 years to 11 years approx. Lightweight and easy to fit, the Cozy N Safe Augusta EZFix Group 2/3 forward facing seat makes a sensible addition to your car and is a safety essential with additional side impact protection.


The seat comes with an adjustable head rest, a reversible cushion, a wide and extremely comfortable seat with arm rests, removable and washable covers and the iso-fix connectors can be folded away in the under seat storage to enable the seat to convert into a belt installed system for vehicles which do not have iso-fix points.

360 degrees rotation



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 Augusta EZFix Manual


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